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Unicad's Performance Promise

Many years ago, when UNICAD was founded, we determined that we would make exceptional customer service a hallmark of the company.

As our company grew, exceptional customer service became a distinguishing feature to our clients.

As you can see from these testimonials, UNICAD has maintained the exceptional service that was a primary goal at the companies founding.

Our promise at UNICAD is: "We will make every effort to do things correctly the first time.  If we should make a mistake you can be assured we will make it right."

We look forward to serving you,

Mark L. Elison


Wayne B. Haws



In my opinion Unicad’s fire alarm system layout and design services are unparalleled throughout the Intermountain West.  It’s been my experience that fire alarm drawings and calculations prepared by Unicad are complete, thoughtfully organized, and presented in a concise manner thereby making the design easy to review and install."

          Vince Newberg, PE
          Codified, LLC - Fire Protection Engineers

 Our experience helps us deliver drawings that make your job easier.

 UNICAD maintains a loyal customer base.


"I would highly recommend Unicad/Mark Elison's work to you. We have had an ongoing working relationship with Mark for many years. The quality of his work has always been impeccable. He has always worked very well with us on rush projects, design questions, his work is accurate.
He and his staff are definitely what I would call second mile people. They are a rare breed in this day and age of service ignorance. They have always done an excellent job for our company.
I would consider using Unicad for any of your design needs."

          Scott Sessions
          Vice President
          Fire Protection/Mountain Alarm



"As Fire Marshal/Fire Code Official, It has been my pleasure to work with Mark Elison, Unicad, for many years. Mark has consistently provided high quality and code compliant shop drawings for fire alarm systems. Mark pays close attention to detail and is very consistent. His drawings are well organized and easy to read. Mark has an exceptional command of design requirements. Mark's knowledge of fire and alarm codes allow him to present approval drawings and at the same time provide cost efficient plans to contractors and building owners.  It is my pleasure to endorse and recommend Mark for those seeking CAD drawings for fire alarm systems."

          Jim Guynn
          Fire Protection Consultant
          Fire Marshal/ Fire Code Official- Retired

 Fire Officials who know our work appreciate our high quality and code compliant drawings.

 A first time approval rate is something we strive for.


"For the past four years I have had the convenience of Mark Elison doing all of my shop drawings and fire plans.  The best part of Mark doing my work is his absolute professionalism.  When I first called on him, I was apprehensive about; is he going to do my work in a timely manner and most of all how will it look.   Well to answer that question my critics; the Sparks and Reno Fire Dept. went out of their way to commend us on a job well done.  They like the fact that my plans go through 99% of the time, with no time in the hold bin or calling us back for corrections.
I strongly recommend Mark Elison for any fire alarm design or shop drawing work that you may have coming up.  The bottom line is you could not hire you’re in house staff to do what Mark does for such a fair and honest price.  Feel free to call me with any questions that you may have about Unicad.  I don't use anyone else other than Unicad."

          Chris Burgarello
          President  High Standard Security
          Systems, Inc.



"I’m sending this note to express appreciation for your great assistance with excellent fire alarm design and drawings that exceeded all expectations. When I first showed them to the staff at Brigham Young University they made me look very good. They gathered around the table and were greatly impressed. So impressed that they invited others to come and look.

You have helped me resolve code and design issues many times. Thanks for your years of incredible help."

          Van Canann
          Fire Protection Service
          Sales – Central Utah


 Exceeding customer expectations.


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